Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the quest, pt. 2

today was good. i woke up in a great mood. riding to school, i listened to carrie nations. carrie nations rules.

we watched some sweet sock puppet video in english. mom packed me a bagelful. it's like a bagel with the cream cheese inside. bagelfuls rule.

in second hour, nothing funny happened at all.

in third hour, everyone found out about little grandpa.

lunch was fun, i practiced for spring fair.

in fourth hour, i got out of class to practice. but we practiced 222 MUCH.

after school, i went home with skyler. we didn't get jumped. we wrote like 3 songs. we're playing at the spring fair too! ugh it hurts to be super excited for something so lame!

skyler and i sat on the porch for like two hours.

i went home.

i bathed.

i can't write right now.

the quest

gaining lots of respect for tmac.

no more visitation.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

gouge away, pt. 2

today, i woke up when connor came into the living room to pretend he camped out with me and matthew. i wasn't mad, though, i just smiled and went back to sleep. i had a good dream, but in true good-dream fashion, i can't remember it.

matthew had cereal for breakfast. we saved the last bowl of his favorite kind, because we knew he would be at our house. i didn't eat anything, i don't think. i had a burrito a couple hours later, though.

my parents and connor left for a while, so matthew and i decided to get naked and listen to the dull drums. we jumped on the couch and did all the things kids aren't supposed to do when your parents leave you alone for an hour. we said bad words, we peed without lifting the seat, and then we DIDN'T EVEN FLUSH. don't get me started about washing our hands.

after a while, we tired of being bad and decided to put some clothes on. my mom came home with connor, he had gotten a new video game. matthew and i were tired from playing music in the garage, so we played mario kart wii with connor for a while.

before we knew it, it was time for matthew's big brother to come get him and take him back to tulsa. his girlfriend's real, by the way. really ASIAN.

after that, i had some popcorn and watched harold and kumar. i talked to ed on the phone for about an hour before that, so all in all i probably used up about three hours of the day. we were going to visit little grandpa later, so i had to bathe.

for the first time in a long time, i took a bath in the little bathtub in the little bathroom connected to my bedroom. it felt awesome. it was really hot. so hot, i could almost hear a thousand tiny screams as my sperm count dropped. i probably should have said a prayer for the little guys. maybe i will right now.



seeing little grandpa was pretty emotional today, at least at first. he's gonna be gone a lot longer than we thought. i hope he'll come out of this okay. we were alone in the room for the first half, so we spent a few minutes kind of hugging in silence and stuff. after that, we slowly started talking about normal things like music and friends. we talked about baby cakes and the whitest kids u know. i know he's gonna make it alright. he wouldn't let himself never enjoy those things again.

i'm buying him the new crystal castles cd when it/he comes out.

i'm starting to feel like my family is a lot bigger than it once was. all of my friends and cousins, and ed and mandy, and everyone at school. it all gives me a reason to stay. even if i'm not staying for them, maybe they're staying for me.

gouge away

everything feels a little bit better, but i'm still not thoroughly convinced. i feel really restless. i wish someone would answer the phone.

i think i might go read the odyssey, or maybe some more short stories. reading is power, did you know that?

matthew just left. his brother's girlfriend is real. i guess we were all wrong.

we tried to be punx and record a tape last night, but my tape player/recorder was like 20 dollars and i think we bought it from walgreens or something. it sounded really lame. i guess that's what punk means.

i'm visiting little grandpa again today. i hope he's alright.

Friday, May 2, 2008

it's me or the dog, pt. 3


it's me or the dog, pt. 2

have a nice day.

it's me or the dog

today we find out if he's really okay.

hannah's coming over later. matthew's coming over laterer. i just want him to be alright.

i read some of bagombo snuff box today. i read thanasphere and mnemonics, and it's only nine am. i got all that from the library. i finally went. i got bagombo snuff box, cat's cradle, slapstick and the odyssey. i'm going to be reading a lot.

i don't really know what to say right now, so that probably puts me with the other 90% of people with blogs. i just need to take a break. from everything.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

leave this place, pt. 3


what have you done?

leave this place, pt. 2

i started a new band today. it's called booty shorts. skyler's going to play drums and sing at the same time. let's see how that goes.

colin morrow's going to play bass. is it weird to have two colins in the same band? i'm sure other bands have people who share names. somewhere. i know i've heard of one, but i can't remember it right now.

booty shorts was born because abe vigoda rules. we would have probably just started an abe vigoda cover band if we could play the songs well enough.

daniel ruffin drew me a sweet picture today with a bunch of animals on it. i decided to write "BOOTY SHORTS" on it, and use it as a cd cover, for if booty shorts ever releases a cd. i really want to go to the library.

we watched the end of the odyssey today in english. that movie rules. there's that one part where the monster with three heads eats those guys. that ruled.

today i learned how much of an unbelievable jerk poseidon can be. he threw this guy around the ocean for like 20 years, just because he didn't give poseidon the right recognition about that octopus thing. if you're reading this right now, and poseidon ever does you a favor, just freaking thank the guy. you'll never get an epic written about you, but chances are you won't mind.

i wish i lived somewhere else. it's funny how i think that mostly on nice days. it's beautiful outside, but i still want to live somewhere else. i want to be in a different beautiful place. like colorado.

leave this place

god this is so easy.

i'm going to the library later. i hope otis is okay.